Sunday 25 April 2010

Forest Walks

Macclesfield Forest now covers land to the east of Macclesfield, and stretches into the Peak District National Park. Originally the Forest was part of Royal Hunting lands, which was not all trees, but included heath and moorland. There are numerous walks throughout the forest, which are way-marked, and suitable for families or the serious walker.

On Saturday as it was a beautiful day, we went to the main car park and took a very gentle walk, to see how much I coiuld manage (after hurting my knee!)

We started along a short walk from where you can see the Heronry in trees on the banks of Trentabank Reservoir. There is a useful notice which tells you all about it, and we did manage to see, in the far distance, a heron on a nest!

The Rangers are very wildlife orientated and there are lots of nest boxes for Tits and also Pied Flycatchers.

Trentabank Reservoir was built in the 1920's to supply Macclesfield with water, but yesterday it was as low as I have ever seen it, which doesn't augur well for the coming summer!

However, the sandy-coloured banks and the new green of the trees made a good photo!

In the woods the white flowers of Wood Sorrel carpeted the ground....

Plus Celandines,

The trees were just coming into leaf.

All the paths are waymarked

Though why they have made such curious "stiles" out of two strong metal plates leaning inwards, I don't know. Perhaps they don't want fat people to walk in the Forest?

The path back to the car park is wide, and easy, unlike most of the real Forest walks, which are very much up and down steep hills! (Too much for me now!)

In the car park there are toilets, information racks, and at weekends, a handy refreshment place.

I really enjoyed that very short walk in the Forest, and just wish I had photographs of other walks we have taken in the past! It really is a beautiful place.


Glennis said...

Love the celandines.

Maybe the stiles are to keep motorcycles out?

Glad to see you continuing to get out. Hope the knee improves.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Lovely photos of your walk Gilly and great to see the pretty Wood Sorrel, as it's not a familiar plant in this area. Bye for now, Lesley

Cloudhands said...

I'm like you on viewing low water levels this time of year. Usually winter is the time of refilling rivers and streams with rain and snowmelt. It seems an unfortunate omen.
Other than that I enjoyed the walk and chit chat along the way. The gate was a mystery and I loved the great tall trees lining the path.

Hollace said...

I laughed at your suggestion of keeping fat people out. It almost looks like the metal detectors in our airports...surely not!
You would think after all your snow and winter rains this year the reservoir would be full.

KathyA said...

I was wondering the same thing about the stiles -- perhaps to exclude horseback riders and their mounts?

It is a beautiful place. I love spotting herons. I looked at the beaches surrounding your reservoir and noticed how low it is -- as I type this, I'm listening to pouring rain -- I wish I could send some over for you.

VioletSky said...

I really enjoy going on walks with bloggers who take pictures of what, to me, would seem mundane, but actually look quite interesting. I now know what wood sorrel and celandine look like!
Our lake levels are also very low, but I thought it was from lack of snow - which you didn't seem to suffer from!

Diane said...

Lovely walk - slightly reminds me of "On Golden Pond|" xxxxx

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Enjoyed walking with you through the forest. If you find out the purpose of the stiles, let us know. The water level is quite low - hope you get enough rain to replenish the supply.

kenju said...

I would really enjoy that place, Gilly!

Jennyff said...

What a great place, obviously well cared for and well used. Loved all the spring flowers and opening buds.

Dorothy said...

Oh my goodness I could sense the serenity and peace about the whole area. Lovely pictures.

Dorothy from grammoloyg

Gilly said...

Thanks for popping in, Dorothy from Grammology. But I can't get on to your blog! Maybe I am doing something wrong, can you email me and explain??

Rosie said...

Great photos - we found this lovely area a few months ago and walked in the snow - it was very cold but very beautiful - we had lovely warm soup from the little cafe afterwards:)

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Low water levels. I've been worrying about drought myself, here in America. The weather around earth has seemed to go haywire the last couple of years.

Hope your knee heals fast.