Monday 23 April 2012


I've had some very lovely tulips in my pots this spring. These red and yellow striped, mixed with plain red, have been very good - wind and rain resistant as well! The stripey ones come out beautifully in the sun. When it shines!

These lovely dark pink ones have so far been very good, but don't seem to want to open. Still, they are rain resistant and also stand up well to the wind. Of which we have had a lot!

However, they were bought as a package called "Raspberry Ripple" (a lovely two colour ice cream if anyone doesn't know!) but someone has put vanilla in instead of the pale pink tulips banded with dark pint that were supposed to be there! Rather disappointing.

I have written to the originators of the tulips, and am hoping for at least my money back. I will let you know!

I won't be posting after this for two or three weeks, as we are away on holiday. On another cruise, this time down to the Canary Islands, via Spain and Portugal. I'm planning on warm sunny weather!

Wednesday 4 April 2012


I took these photos just before we had our heatwave, and there are now a few more leaves around than then. But I always think the Park looks its best in early Spring, so hope you can enjoy these photos.

The above is looking across the lake to the more formal part of the park, with the bandstand.

There is a Nursery School which is right next to the Park, and they often bring the children out for a walk, feed the ducks, and generally get some fresh air!

Looking down the lake from the far end (well far end as we see it from our house!) and one of our two resident swans. The other one is sitting on a nest on an island at the other end. We used to have a lot of Canada Geese, and at least two lots of goslings every year, but the swans have chased all the geese away!

Again, the far end of the lake looking towards the mill just beyond. Not used as a Mill now, it is let out to small businesses. And that is my fed-up dog in the foreground waiting at the end of a long lead for me to start moving again!

We go on holiday in 4 weeks time, so after that you should get some more interesting pictures!