Monday 30 May 2011


The end of our garden tends to get a bit wild, if we are not careful! We inherited this little statue when we moved in 17 years ago. At the time, he held a sort of old and battered sundial, which we took off as it was likely to fall off. He now lives coyly down the end of the garden, overlooking the pond.

I rather like statues in a garden. Large ones look best in large gardens, but I have seen some lovely ceramic and stone items, features, call then what you will! Trouble is, Mr. G loves redesigning the garden, so any features we put down are likely to be moved around. Like the little boy in the picture. I rather liked him where he was before, as the ivy was growing up him, it looked really good.

But the pond end is looking great this year. The Hostas are magnificent. usually they are dinner for hordes of snails and slugs, but I think the very cold winter we had last and this year has killed them off. Praise be! I'm sure they have a place somewhere in creation, but I do not like them in my garden!

The swans in the park are still there. I do hope they stay. There are three goslings around, but I always seem to miss them. Canada Geese are wonderful parents, and I have every expectation they will raise their goslings to maturity. there are also young Coot, but I haven't seen any young Moorhens yet.

Friday 20 May 2011


The Park authorities regularly go round the edges of the paths with weed killer, and I can see the point of that.

But did they have to go round the beautiful tree trunk?? Admittedly it is the tree trunk that they cut off 20ft up from the ground, and they haven't gone round the 'living' trees, but it looks so awful. And unnecessary.

They've gone along the edge of the culverted stream too. I suppose the lad was given the sprayer and told to do the edges!!

And they've gone along the bottom of our fence where our garden meets the park. They do this all along the boundary, but there are only 4 houses which have the hedge behind the fence, and they kill all the lovely 'weeds' growing there. The ones with fences behind the hedge don't suffer, and the grass etc just grows naturally.

It will all grow up again, you can't keep nature down, but it does make a messy looking place.

However, parts of the park are lovely. these are gorgeous blue irises by the lake. there are wild yellow ones growing at the muddy side, but they are a bit difficult to photograph.

Saturday 14 May 2011


The two swans that arrived on the lake a few days ago are still here, and look very settled. However, it has been fiendishly difficult to get a photograph of them together, but there are definitely two, and they look pretty much identical! Taking photos with a dog on a lead is very difficult, and I don't always take my camera with me. When I don't, I can guarantee there will be something I wanted to take!

This is the view we see as we come out of the gate from our garden into the park. On a fine weekend you have to be careful not to get hit by flying golf balls, as we are directly opposite the third green! However, it has all been looking very nice since the grass was mown, and the sun shone!

The May (Hawthorn) trees are in full bloom, this particular one looks really lovely by the lake. Yes, that is my dog, Max, standing mournfully at the extent of the lead, waiting for me to get a move on!

The variegated holly bush sends out lovely little pink new leaves.

And despite being snowed under, walked over and sledged on in the winter, the pansies have made a great show down by the bandstand!

The weather has turned quite cold again, but I really must get out with my camera again soon! You are probably all wondering if I ever do anything but walk round the park! Well, yes, I do sometimes! ;)

Saturday 7 May 2011


The alliums have come out en masse plus the aquilegias, so we have a purple patch!

I love them close up, the tiny flowers are so intricate.

We have two visitors to the Park - two swans are on the Lake! I do hope they stay. The last two were driven off by vandals, one was shot, and the other pined. Swans mate for life. How can people be so wicked? I will take my camera next time I go down there so you can see them. Not that swans are rare or anything, but they are so beautiful.