Monday 30 May 2011


The end of our garden tends to get a bit wild, if we are not careful! We inherited this little statue when we moved in 17 years ago. At the time, he held a sort of old and battered sundial, which we took off as it was likely to fall off. He now lives coyly down the end of the garden, overlooking the pond.

I rather like statues in a garden. Large ones look best in large gardens, but I have seen some lovely ceramic and stone items, features, call then what you will! Trouble is, Mr. G loves redesigning the garden, so any features we put down are likely to be moved around. Like the little boy in the picture. I rather liked him where he was before, as the ivy was growing up him, it looked really good.

But the pond end is looking great this year. The Hostas are magnificent. usually they are dinner for hordes of snails and slugs, but I think the very cold winter we had last and this year has killed them off. Praise be! I'm sure they have a place somewhere in creation, but I do not like them in my garden!

The swans in the park are still there. I do hope they stay. There are three goslings around, but I always seem to miss them. Canada Geese are wonderful parents, and I have every expectation they will raise their goslings to maturity. there are also young Coot, but I haven't seen any young Moorhens yet.


kenju said...

It all looks beautiful, Gilly. I have no statuary in my yard, but I do have two large grapevine balls that are rapidly being covered by ivy. I need to move them, but as it has been in the 90's every day for a week, I have no desire to work outside at all.

Hollace said...

What a sweet little boy to have in the garden. I have to tell you that your header is just wonderful. I love bleeding hearts but I don't have any (yet). Love 'em!

When is your cruise coming up?

KathyA said...

The garden is lovely!!
Wouldn't it be nice if you had a few cygnets!?

VioletSky said...

I guess gardens are meant to be changed around every now and then. Your hostas look lovely and lush!

We have a new cygnet from our local nesting swan. Sadly it is only one, but he is a cutie.

Diane said...

The statue looks grand!!! 2 Swan Eggs on a walk we do did not yield cygnets - much to everyones extreme disapointment. xxxx

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