Saturday 26 February 2011


This week Carmi's Thematic Challenge is LETTERS.

This photograph was taken in Bruges when we visited there last year on our cruise. It fascinated me - I couldn't work out what the logo was. What are the letters, why the crown, or is it just the logo of Bruges City Council?

Whatever it is, it reminds me of the lovely day we had in that beautiful city - and how hot and hard the pavements were!

The second one is just a very ordinary entry to a coal hole in my own town. Presumably the self-locking device is so that no-one else could steal the coal after it was poured down the hole to the cellar beneath. Or did some overworked little Tweeny have to clear up and lock the iron cover again?

Being not too steady on my feet, I have to look where I am going when I walk. Its amazing what I see that others might miss!

Sunday 20 February 2011


The days here have mostly been grey. We've had the odd sunny day, when its been a pleasure to tidy up a bit of the garden, or take the dog out, but apart from that the cloud cover seems like a heavy grey duvet over me.

Not the sort of weather I like for photography! And I haven't been very inspired lately. So I have made a collage of some of the black and white photography I've don in the past. They are mostly close-ups - I think black and white photography is best like that.

But there are signs of Spring showing. There are early crocuses in the Park, pretty little creamy yellow ones and pale mauve ones. I'm rather surprised they have come up at all as they were well trodden and sledged on in the snow! The daffodils are well up, and in our garden have buds showing. The shrubs are tentatively putting our little green bits, so I hope we don't get any more hard frosts!

We have loads of birds, too. Siskins are here until they migrate further north to breed, as are Redpoll. There are lots of Blue Tits, two Great Tits and two Coal Tits. Thrushes are singing and the aggressive blackbirds refuse to allow any others into the garden!

Spring is definitely on the way!

Saturday 12 February 2011


Yes, at long, long last I have my new spectacles! I can now see properly, read without strain, actually see what is on the computer, and my headaches have gone!

What more could I ask?

What's more, the snowdrops in the Park are really lovely....

The geese are friendly (and looking for food).....

The buds on the willow are beginning to swell......

And the crocuses are coming out in the Park.

Altogether a great feeling Spring is coming!

Saturday 5 February 2011


Carmi's Thematic Challenge this week is "One".

I immediately thought of "Green Grow the rushes, Oh!" but I couldn't lay my hands on any Lily-white boys so decided to post these two bird studies.

Its hard enough to get close to a heron, let alone a heron trying to balance on the park railings! its not the world's best photo, but I was anxious to get something before he took fright and flew away.

Now I know the gull is sitting on a figure 6, but he is only one gull! He was on a marker buoy on Lake Windermere in the Lake District.

Only a short blog again - new glasses still not made an appearance! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for sometime this coming week.