Thursday 23 December 2010

HAPPY CHRISTMAS! - and my best photos

Carmi's Challenge over the Chriastmas period is "My best Photographs".

My best one has got to be the cosmos I photographed in my sister's garden in Surrey back in the Spring. She is a clever gardener, and grew these from seed, but they looked absolutely beautiful, and were a great attraction for bees and other insects. It also reminds me of a lovely holiday I had with them, and I feel warmer just thinking about it!

These crab apples are in the park, and looked so lovely against the blue sky.

The Horse Chestnuts, or conkers I found in the park, and brought back. I love the dark shiny skins, so smooth to feel in your pocket! When I was a child I used to make little chairs with pins stuck in for legs, and wool woven round pins for the back.

Ah, happoy days!

Have a really good Christmas, all of you!

Wednesday 15 December 2010


Eyes are tremendously important, and we can't really afford to play around with them! Unfortunately, mine are still giving trouble, and I am having to bathe them tenderly with various eye drops three times a day.

All will eventually settle down, and then I will have lovely new eyes and can get some lovely new spectacles! I will still need them, as my eyes don't work together very well, and I tend to see double wikthout them. And as my new lenses which the surgeon put in are set for distance, I will still need spectacles for reading, and anything nearer than distance.

In the meantime, I can see very nicely in the distance, but when tired tend to see two of everything. I can't read very well, which is driving me insane, but now have bought a cheap pair of reading glasses, which just magnify really, and they help a lot. But they don't make my eyes work together, so when I'm tired I really can't do much at all!!

Thought I'd just give you an update, in case you thought I'd gone off to a desert island, or something!

Friday 10 December 2010


Carmi's challenge this week is FAMILY.

My family - my sister and brother-in-law, daughter and son-in-law, two grandsons and one great granddaughter, plus assorted nieces,(two generations) nephews(great) all mean a great deal to me. Plus my husband, of course!

But I am not sure they would like me to display their faces here. So instead I have interpreted "Family" a different way.

Both were taken in the Park, but in different years. The Canada Goose raised the goslings to maturity, despite the intentions of crows and herons, and the young moorhens seem a tough little lot, and the parents have a couple of broods a year. And yes, there are an awful lot of moorhens by the winter!

Sunday 5 December 2010


Sorry, I couldn't resist the pun! But just to prove I am still around, trudging through the white stuff with the dog, alive and well, though still battling with old glasses and new eyes, I am posting pics of the park in the snow. (Well, that's the only place I've been!)

But thank God for digital photography!

They all look a bit black and white - but that's the way it is! It wasn't a very nice day, so they are not as sparkly as I would like. Maybe tomorrow!