Friday 20 May 2011


The Park authorities regularly go round the edges of the paths with weed killer, and I can see the point of that.

But did they have to go round the beautiful tree trunk?? Admittedly it is the tree trunk that they cut off 20ft up from the ground, and they haven't gone round the 'living' trees, but it looks so awful. And unnecessary.

They've gone along the edge of the culverted stream too. I suppose the lad was given the sprayer and told to do the edges!!

And they've gone along the bottom of our fence where our garden meets the park. They do this all along the boundary, but there are only 4 houses which have the hedge behind the fence, and they kill all the lovely 'weeds' growing there. The ones with fences behind the hedge don't suffer, and the grass etc just grows naturally.

It will all grow up again, you can't keep nature down, but it does make a messy looking place.

However, parts of the park are lovely. these are gorgeous blue irises by the lake. there are wild yellow ones growing at the muddy side, but they are a bit difficult to photograph.


crafty cat corner said...

What is it with people and weeds?
Most weeds have really pretty flowers and of course you are right they will win in the end.
Beautiful iris, one of my favourite flowers.

Hollace said...

I still can't get over the fact that they took out that beautiful tree at 20 feet. Crazy!

You are so fortunate to live at the edge of a garden and lake. It is beautiful inspite of amateur gardeners.

Have a great weekend!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

A lovely spot Gilly and like you, I think 'Is this really necessary?'. The stand of irises is beautiful. Have a good weekend. Lesley x

kenju said...

I think a few weeds would be preferable to those yellowed, dead areas.

carmilevy said...

They're considered "weeds" only because someone decided to categorize themselves as such. I'm glad you choose to view them as they are: beautiful.

Glennis said...

Yuk, not nice. Can you post signs by your fence that say "don't spray"? I see this sometimes in rural parts of the US where people have property along state roads.

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

aha! another person who loathes this approach to tidying up! thought for next year....

Peace Thyme said...

I am reminded once again of that old song by Pete Seeger.
"God bless the grass, god bless the grass...they roll the concrete over it to try to keep it back....the concrete gets tired of what it has to it breaks and cracks and the grass grows, God bless the grass!"