Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Two days in my very ordinary life!

Yesterday (Monday) I at last managed to get into town. I use a mobility scoooter sometimes, as it means I can get around a bit further, so this time I went to the Library, and then on into the Indoor Market, where I bought a lovely new bag.

The Scooter is dead easy to drive, there is a lever for forward, one for reverse, you keep your thumb on the lever to move and take it off to stop. There is a knob to regulate the speed. No problem? I was trying to get off, and tangled my bag strap round the lever for "go" and the whole contraption shot forward at a brisk speed heading for a pile of plastic buckets on the next stall, with me half on and half off! Luckily no damage done, I managed to get untangled just in time, and reversed briskly back to the rather confused man on the bag stall!

Walking today in the park was a very cold visit. Some of the snow had melted, but then frozen overnight, so the whole place had the look of the northern Tundra.

But there is still plenty of snow on the hills.

On the lake the water is mostly frozen again, and the ducks wait hopefully for someone to come and feed them. They like basking on a little bank, which is in the sun, but as I approached with the dog, they headed for the water! We also have an uncommon winter visitor, a Tufted Duck. We have had four this winter, but I could only see one today.

Don't think there will be much tennis for a while!

But Spring is coming, slowly. There are lots of daffodil bulbs pushing their way up, and the yellow blossom of what I think is Witch Hazel, looks lovely close up.

One keen dog to get back into the garden!

And after all that I reckoned I had earned a break!


Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Love your new bag! Glad you managed to avoid a collision with the buckets.
Nice pictures of the snow, but I prefer the pictures of the daffodils and witch hazel.

Hollace said...

Good morning, Gilly. What an adventure! It would be funny to picture if it weren't so scary, the thought of you caught half on trying to stop that thing. But I am glad you are brave enough to use it so you can get around more and do the things you enjoy! Just stay safe!

Your weather looks so cold still. That frozen ground is most uninviting. (Are you sure it isn't too slippery for you to be out on?) We too are having the little encouraging signs of spring: daffodils are coming up, and buds on the cherry trees. I love your yellow buds--I thought it was forsythia. My witch hazel isn't doing anything yet.

I see you have a new face on your blog, so you must be having some computer adventures, too. Nice.

kenju said...

Nice bag. I am glad you didn't crash your vehicle!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Good job it wasn't the new bag that got tangled - the bag stall man might have thought you were a bag snatcher! Glad all was well in the end.

The witch hazel looks pretty.

KathyA said...

You most certainly did earn a break. I can just picture the look on the face of that man in the market. More importantly, I'm so glad you weren't injured!!
We're supposed to get more snow here tomorrow night and Thursday -- so our 'tundras' will be rather similar. :)

Glennis said...

Ah, I love that witch hazel. I miss it - we can't really grow it here. Everything else looks quite cold, brrrrr!

Such an adventure on the scooter! Yikes! Glad you didn't take a spill. I think it's a wonderful invention that helps people get out. My mom refuses to consider one - and doing so has really constricted her life.

The bag looks very elegant. And useful.

Diane said...

Your not fit to be let out on your own - you speeding pensioner you!! Glad you arrived home safe and sound! My father in law has a scooter - they are dead handy. Love the photos and the bag is v trendy!

Pearl said...

Well you're weather is marginally better than ours (Minneapolis, Minnesota).

If we can just get through March!!!