Tuesday 11 November 2008

Skeleton Trees (2)

The brisk winds have stripped some of the trees (although the glorious beeches are still holding their leaves, as are the larches, and some of the brilliant trees-I-don't-know-the-name-of because they are ornamental "park" trees.

But my favourite "Lady Ash", bangles and scarves a-blowing, ditzy to the last, and the "Career-Girl" Horse Chestnut beside her, branches all correct, and ready to blast her co-workers!

OK, I get a bit fanciful when my thoughts, dream and who I am is held in! Just don't ring for the men in white coats - I function quite well, really!


Leonard said...

Good giggles, but don't call em on me either...

ps. I still talk to myself but I dont answer,,,,,, yet..

Rainbow dreams said...

love those images ;) Thank you for visiting me - it was much appreciated. I am getting back to catching up with blogs again and will pop by soon, Katie