Saturday 22 November 2008

Lights in the darkness

Now that the trees are leafless I can see the lights of the town across the valley. Lines of sodium street lights climb up the hill, and disappear into the darkness at the top. When the wind blows the lights seem to flicker and dance behind the swaying trees. On calm nights , or in our dark mornings, I can see the headlights of cars as they stream down the main road into the town. They dodge and disappear as they wind round the many S-bends on the road, until I can just see them on the last stretch into town.

Further up, beyond the town, lights sometimes shine from the farmhouses on the side of the hills, and right on top of the ridge, to the south, are the headlights of one or two cars driving alaong the small country road.I love watching the lights, imagining other lives, weaving fantasies, or just musing.
The picture is of a sunrise over Morecombe Bay, at the edge of the Lake District.


Sue said...

I love the picture! Love that whole area - so magical and still. Beautiful writing. x

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

...when I was a child, we would buy our honey from it Heysham? near Morcambe anyway.
Beautiful place.

You are right, the light at the moment is glorious, it kind of moves objects and images. Have found myself standing and staring, just watching how the changing light affects what is before me.


Rainbow dreams said...

ahh I love the lights on crisp evenings and even on foggy ones too when they are just visible.. it gives a totally different perspective!

Leonard said...

I like watching Lights shine too.

ps. Keep your light on, my friend, it's quite delightful...