Sunday 9 November 2008

Telling Tales

I've been sorting out some bits and bobs of jewellery for a Bring and Buy Sale. I doubt anything I have has a monetary value, but everything reminds me of someone, or somewhere.

The ancient Viking set in Scottish stones was bought on the Isle of Iona, over 40 years ago. We had gone camping in Scotland, and managed to get very wet! Iona was beautiful, there was a calm and peaceful atmosphere there that I have rarely encountered again. The little shell bear was given to me by some friends who visited Canada, and is greatlhy treasured.

The three crosses all have stories behind them. The silver one, which I wear often, I bought at a Monastery on Crete, the time we had a very nasty accident on our scooter. My husband spent three days in a Greek Hospital, but I was thankfully not injured, and brought fruit and yoghurts for him to eat. The cross was bought in a spirit of thankfulness. The flowery cross I found at an Antique Fair. It is most unusual, but the woman running the stall could not tell me anything about except whe was told in was Italian. The green-y polished stone cross belonged to my sisters Mother-in-law, of whom I was very fond, and I was so pleased when my Brother-in-law gave it to me after her death.

The red wooden beads I am wearing now. They were bought in Austria, our first holiday abroad about 37 years ago. Some of the necklasces have been given to me, some have been bought at flea markets, as have most of the other brooches.

Its going to be quite hard to let some go for the bring and Buy Sale!


Sue said...

You are in danger of doing a Swallows and Amazons here Mother... I will email you! X

Leonard said...

I was reading your profile and noticed you like cross word puzzles, every morning I print out these 2 from the internet for my mom who also enjoys puzzles, short cuts follow.

ps. sorry you have to part with some tangible memories.