Saturday 7 February 2009

Withdrawing to a high place

I rather envy these doves - when life picking up food, or just idling about in the park gets too much, they can fly up to the top of the bandstand, and watch the world go by!

I feel very much like withdrawing at the moment - maybe its the snow and cold - but I can't get motivated to go or do anything! I am supposed to be going to a big celebration at a church I attended once upon a time, and there is lunch to be had there too, but I don't feel like it! whether I will make it or not depends on whether I am able to face going on my own! Not being a very gregarious type of person, its going to be hard to get myself there.

Still, maybe these events in life are intended to make us come out of our shells and interact with others. I expect there will be others feeling like me - who am I to say my feelings are either unique or worth considering??

The doves are nice, too. I've spent ages trying to get decent photos of them flying, but I either manage to get them with their wings in a weird position or they go so fast they result in a blur! I'll stick to them perching, I think!


theMuddledMarketPlace said...

they fly and perch so high up....watching us moving around down here

wonder what they think of it all?

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Hello Gilly - you left a kind comment at my blog and I thought I'd pop in to see you.

Great picture of the doves - you were lucky to get them like that.

I know exactly what you mean about attending large gatherings - I think more people share these feelings than we realise. I suppose therefore we should make the effort otherwise we would all withdraw "into our shells". Hope you enjoy it. A x

Marja said...

I like doves, symbols of peace.
I am usually not very keen when I have to go to big gathereing. Often once I am there it is not as bad as I thought.
Have a good time

much2ponder said...

Hey Gilly, so did you go to your church function? I hope you had fun. Been thinking of you today:)This can be a difficult time of year I agree.

Gilly said...

No, didn't go! Chickened out! Stayed in and watched the snow and ice from indoors!

awareness said...

It's a difficult time of year to get motivated. I think we all have a tendancy to lose our energy level in need of hibernation. When I get home, especially for the weekend, the last thing I want to do is pull on my winter duds and traipse out into the cold slushie day to attend something on my own where its going to be filled with many people I don't know.

Sometimes its a nice surprise and I fit right in. Sometimes....I just stay home.

I do love your photo here....

Rainbow dreams said...

Those doves look so peaceful perching there.
Gatherings like the one you were invited to go to are difficult especially on your own - was talking to a friend about this topic yesterday..I find smaller gatherings where I know that I know some people far easier.
Take care, sending thoughts your way :)