Friday 20 February 2009

Flea Markets

One of the things we like doing when the weather is better, is to go round flea markets. The one at Leek, in Staffordshire is our favourite, but it is always cold and windy up there so we tend to choose a warmish sort of day! You can buy absolutely everything there, apart from food, all second-hand, or in many cases, third or fourth hand! I bought a lovely galvanised watering can once, which reminded me of my Grandfather's garden, which he tended meticulously when he was able.

Every fourth Saturday a Farmer's market is included. Can't quite see the point, as there is already an indoor market which sells most of what is seen outside on those days. But on the Saturday nearest Christmas it is great fun, fairly lights, Christmas goodies and everyone is a great mood!
I'm looking forward to going again soon, and looking through all the antique jewellery there. Maybe I'll find some treasure!


Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

My husband loves flea markets. We don't have them much in Wisconsin however (where we live).

I wouldn't come to England for the Mexican food, that is for sure.
;-) And I would wait for warmer weather. But from the time I was a child I wanted to visit England. My sister and I always said we would go together. She is gone now--died from early onset Alzheimers--but if I ever do get there I will be thinking of her.

Jan said...

This looks a great day out!
Thanks for the tip.
I shall fly there!
NOT a good joke, was it?!!
Look forward to returning soon.

much2ponder said...

Just seeing sunshine in those pictures makes me want to be there with you. We are having some pretty cold temps and very snowy conditions today. Can't hardly see across the street, but I know spring is coming soon so I am keeping a positive attitude and staying indoors:)

Marja said...

Oh love it. Looks great I really miss the markets We've got one here but mostly gare sales at peoples houses. In Holland there were markets everywhere I am in Holland with queens birthday and tha there will be the biggest fleamarket ever on the streets everywhere. Yippee

awareness said...

I love flea markets, especially outdoor ones. Katie and I took in Portobello and Camden in one day last May! I loved the Portobello best....such abundance! I was really surprised that the vendors were so against people taking photos....most of the ones i took I had to sneak.

We have a wonderful farmer's and artist's market here in my town, held every Saturday. It's my favourite destination on the weekends....full of life, creativity and great food. They are used to me snapping photos there!

Gilly said...

Sounds lovely! Bit far to come though! :(