Thursday 30 October 2008

Skeleton trees

The leaves are dropping fast now, in this brisk north wind. I love seeing the "skeletons" of the trees and in my fanciful moods, imagine them as people. Ash trees are graceful, ditzy women, with lots of scarves, necklaces and bangles and floaty clothes. Oaks are very masculine, tough, muscular, rather macho. Horse Chestnuts are smart career women, with not a hair out of place, sharp-suited, with powerful personalities. Birch trees, when young, are teenage girls, graceful, slim, beautiful, danging through life. Older birth trees are still graceful, but life has lined them. Hawthorns are really muddled, messed-up people, struggling through life, finding it tough, but still with something to offer as their fruit ripens.

And perhaps I'd better stop there, or you will be calling for the ambulance to take me away! ;)


theMuddledMarketPlace said... brownies we used to have quizzes where we'd identify trees by either the leaf shape, the skeleton, or the fruit.
Ths post has brought many happy memories flooding back, thank you!

Sue said...

I think those ideas could develop into a very good story! What about NaStWriMo???


Sheetsayer said...

Similies as metaphors are the perfect combo of human intellect and emotions..

.. and forget the ambulance, here's a fan of u, Gilly :-)