Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Picking up the moonlight

Having to get up at 5.0 am this morning (to go to the bathroom, as one does) the moon was shining brightly through the curtains. As I wriggled out of bed, I stooped to pick a tissue up off the floor. Couldn't get hold of it! Took a few seconds, in my bleary state to realise I was trying to pick up the moonlight on the floor!

Put it down to old age!


Sue said...

Ah Mum, that's really poetic! How lovely and how strange. x

much2ponder said...

Popped over here quite by accident, but was pleasantly surprised. The picture in my mind as I read your words made me giggle a little on the inside, but only for a second. Very cute as I bet you are also very cute!