Tuesday, 26 February 2013

CHECKING IN ........

If I don't get a new post up, you will all think (those of you that are left) that I have given up! But I am still here, though not doing very much.

We had some lovely sunny days last week, or maybe the week before, and the Park really looked good.

I noticed there is a big mob of gulls on the lake. They fight and squabble for the food that people give to the ducks, but they do look good, wheeling against a blue sky. Of course, when I was there with my camera, they just sat on the water.

The swans were feeding on the grass by the picnic area. I was a bit wary of them, having Max with me but he was on a lead and took no notice of them. And the swans more or less ignored us!

My daughter gave me an Amaryllis for Christmas, and it has grown really fast. The second stalk is very high, I measured it this morning and its 31ins. high, which is 80cms to you metric people! The first one was about the same.

The flowers are very unusual, delicately coloured, and pointy rather than big and blowsy! I think they are very beautiful.

I am hoping the weather will soon get warmer. I find I am disinclined to go out when it involves coats, scarves, gloved and an extra layer or two! I also tend to get house-bound, and can't even get myself out to social meetings. I still go off to my Creative Writing Group, where we all have a laugh, read out what we have written and generally enjoy ourselves. I have also rejoined a Church Group of Elderly Ladies who have talks, or knit squares for blankets and just chat. It is a very gentle time, and very restful, whilst still being able to meet other people and chat. I have also gone back to the church the group belongs to on the occasional Sunday morning. I would like to keep this up. At least they have chairs and not the Victorian pews, that I can't sit in for more than 10 minutes, that my Church of England is stuck with!

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21 Wits said...

I'm here and happy to see you are too! I would be seeing your post for Carmi's TP probably today, but if you read in one of his posts, his mother-in-law passed away on Friday of last week and I'm sure they are all in grieving mode at the moment. So I will think of your post as a tribute to them a peaceful beauty of life....the stillness of nature, and all it's gifts! Enjoy your day!

Patricia said...

Hello Gilly, I like your photos. The Amaryllis is lovely and brings back some fond memories of my grandad who used to grow them.
Patricia x

Jennyff said...

Hello, finally got round to checking up on you. By now the blue skies will have gone, we have snow again here. Keep warm and cosy, winter isn't over yet.