Tuesday 9 October 2012



It was a gorgeous afternoon on Sunday, so we went off to one of our favourite spots.   Redesmere is a big lake, near Capesthorne Hall, Macclesfield.   There are always a lot of ducks, geese and swans there, though in winter the numbers build up tremendously.

There is also sailing at the far end of the lake.



It was such a lovely day we decided we would go for a bit of a walk, and Mr.G would take the dog in the field.   However I decided differently, and managed to get over the stile into the field. Quite difficult as I use a stick, and have trouble with one leg!

  The path goes over a field, that had a huge bog in the middle, whcih we had to go round, and over another difficult stile into a track running between the woods bordering the lake and a field

It was at this point I made my mistake!   I knew there was a lane (no stiles) which led out onto the road again, two sides of the triangle, so to speak, so off we went down there.   Oh dear, it was MUCH longer than I remembered!


Imposing gateways, pretty thatched cottages and a little stream made up for the distance a bit, but even the old farmhouse on the road didn’t make it shorter!


We were extremely glad to get back to the car, with four sore feet, four sore paws and one very sore leg!

But it was really lovely down there, and afterwards I was glad we went!


21 Wits said...

Great photos! From here it was quite a fun journey with you- easy on the feet and paws from the computer view! :)

VioletSky said...

I like those steps over the stile!
So, it is not just me who thinks distances have changed since getting older?!

Glennis said...

it does look like a lovely walk, so I hope you have recovered and are up for another one soon. We don't have stiles in the US - the first time I encountered one in England it was very puzzling to me.

cheshire wife said...

I am sure that it was worth it. Autumn seems to be much more advanced here in west Cheshire, with very few trees still green.

Diane said...

What a fab walk. And great weather! xxx

kenju said...

Sorry I missed this one earlier, Gilly. I always enjoy your photos!

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely place and prehistoric footprints as well! I do miss such soft green landscape and trees. Hope you are not too footsore.