Sunday, 2 September 2012



You all must think I’ve given up blogs, but in truth I haven’t had the time to sit down, find some photos and write about them!   I’ve been busy with my other blog, plus some writing which needed to be done.


However, Mr.G and I managed to get out in the car yesterday.   It was a lovely afternoon, so we hopped in the car and drove round some VERY small lanes in an around the main roads near us.   You don’t have to go far from where we live to find lovely scenery, and some very isolated farms and houses.

This was taken from the car as we drove along.   The main road here is very hilly and very windy, and is a notorious spot for motorcyclists to speed down.   Apparently they come from far and wide to drive down the “Cat and Fiddle Road” (named from the Pub at the top! )


We stopped in a layby to take this.   Not much else around except sheep – and some very lovely hills.   The hills in the north are known as the “Dark Peak” because of the colour of the millstone grit stone.   Kinder Scout is the best known peak.



This pretty valley holds the infant River Dane – obviously still capable of carving its way through the stone in the past.



The extremely narrow road we were on was gated, which meant Mr.G had to hop out, open the gate, hop back in again, drive through, hop out again and shut the gate, and hop back in again to drive on.   You might wonder why I didn’t do it, but my days of hopping anywhere are over, and it takes me ages to get in and out of the car!   Luckily we met some walkers at two of the gates, who kindly opened them for us.   Apologies for the dirty windscreen!





There were one or two farms , but they were very isolated, and the road was extremely narrow.   Lorries would have had a difficult job, although there were a few passing places here and there.


Away from the tree-filled valley, the hills are bare, and drystone walls rule!   I love the patterns they make, especially in winter against the snow!   You can see how narrow our road was!

It was a lovely trip out, and I hope you have enjoyed my photos – that is, if I have any followers left!


kenju said...

Of course you have followers!!
Your photos are always lovely. Every photo I see from England can be described by one word:
charming!! I DO hope I get to visit your country before I die. If not, I will make it a priority in my next life!

kenju said...

Coming back to say how much I hate these word verifications! I had to do it 3 times.

Diane said...

Still here Gilly - what great photos and a fab day out. Hope you are keeping well. xxxx

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Lovely - I enjoyed your outing too, Gilly. Beautiful countryside. x

theMuddledMarketPlace said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Gilly
You have made me homesick as I used to have holidays up here away from grimy old derby.

I'm trying to blog again too and on twitter too!

Love jan x