Thursday, 19 July 2012


It being one of the few fine days on Sunday last, we decided a walk in the hills was a good idea.   Not being able to do much on steep hills, we went along the Teggs Nose Trail on the flattish bit.


I tended to lag behind Mr. G and Max the dog, as I was photographing the lane, and the very large puddles!

The dry stone walls were covered in moss, because of all the wet we have been having, I suppose.

And the Hogweed looked very good against the sky

We eventually reached the stream, which I was very pleased about, as its quite a distance

IMG_2204      This really brought back memories of when we used to take my two grandsons when they were small, and they would jump across the stream, or wade in it, and then we would all climb up the hill, and go right round at a much higher level, and back again to the car park.   It really didn’t seem 15-odd years ago!   I wonder if the boys remember things like that?


When we got back we were very pleased to see the reservoir was not only completely full, but overflowing down the chute to the valley below.

At least we haven’t got a drought any more!


Sue said...

I think they do remember - and are happy to have done such lovely things in their childhood :-)

Helen said...

Lovely walk, Gilly. I'm sure your grandsons remember. It is spending time together, doing things together, you giving of your time, that means so much, not what things you give them but what you give/gave of yourself, that is so important and has lasting value.

Diane said...

Lovely walk Gilly - you should have jumped and splashed in those huge paddles! xxxx

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

i remember doing things with my grandparents, so i expect they do!

Glennis said...

That looks lovely, Gilly. I hope the weather is not too chill or wet. The mossy wall looks so cool and pretty.

BTW, for someone who plans to
"boycott" women he certainly is spending a lot of time on women's blogs. I've had that fool visit me - just delete him.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

I'm sure your Grandsons do remember Gilly! Love the moss laden wall. x486

carmilevy said...

I'm sure these experiences have become powerful memories for your grandsons. Walkabouts like these with my own grandparents remain some of my most treasured moments. Thank you for taking us along with you!

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

They remember Gilly. We just don't always think about telling people when an old memory pops into our head. The joy comes at odd moments and we say nothing, though our hearts well up inside. Like when we see a butterfly. Ask them if they remember. I'll bet you will enjoy reminiscing.

Hollace said...

I have been enjoying your other blog which you mentioned. I didn't realize you had another blog. England is so beautiful. The country side with its fields divided by hedges is so picturesque. I know it has been a rainy season this year but it does give wonderful green walks to go on! You take wonderful photos. I think you have an artist's eye.