Saturday 24 December 2011


A Happy Christmas to all my Blog friends! I hope all goes well, that the meal is gorgeous, those round the table are gracious, happy and good-humoured, and that a good time is had by all!

We will be going to our daughter for Christmas Day, which will be lovely. She always puts on a beautiful meal, the decorations are fantastic, and the Christmas Tree touches the ceiling!

The picture above is one I took at her house a couple of years ago. I think it looks mysterious, candle-lit and Christmassy!

See you all again in a few days!

Have a great time!


Janet said...

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas too !

Sue said...

Got a cheapo one this year! Miles off the ceiling - but we'll have fun anyway :-)

Hollace said...

erry Christmas to you, too, Gilly. I have some of Sue's decorations at my house--the poetry stars from last year. Love 'em. 12 minutes 'til Christmas day here. Having 13-15 here for dinner tomorrow.

VioletSky said...

We are doing our family gathering tomorrow, so today is nice and quiet.
...and still no snow. sigh.

21 Wits said...

Oh it is so lovely! ...and captured the feeling that glows inside of me this time of year! ExactlY!!!!!!

Glennis said...

Happy Christmas (belated) to you, too, Gilly! Hope you're having a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

These are lovely pictures.
Happy New Year.