Saturday 22 October 2011


Last week I bought some plants from the Garden Centre, plus tulip bulbs, but only found time to plant the bulbs and some wallflowers. Then the rains came!

But today is a lovely sunny day, very windy, but I found a pot for the Heuchera I had bought. I fell in love with it as it was so pretty. Its called something like "Silver coils" - I love heucheras!

I was going to plant the Heuchera in the pot these begonias are using, but I hadn't the heart to pull them up as they were still looking so lovely! So I've left them for a bit. The pansies are in a big trough in front of them, but I had too many for the trough so was hunting a couple of smaller pots to plant the overflow!

Its lovely to see the sun today, a real autumnal day, windy but not too cold. So many leaves have already fallen that I don't think we are going to have a long-lasting autum this year.

To all you kind friends who asked after me, following a spell in Hospital - I am fine, but I am going to see the Consultant at the end of November in his clinic, and maybe we can find the source of the trouble. But I sincerely hope it doesn't happen again, twice in one year is far too many times!


Hollace said...

Your new heuchera is beautiful, Gilly. I am glad you didn't disturb the begonias while they are still going strong (Mustn't discourage anything that's still going strong). You remind me of the bulbs I have stuck away to plant. I had forgotten that I bought big bags of daffodils and tulips and now I need to get them in the ground. I also want to get some of the dahlia bulbs I saw at the dahlia festival recently, but they don't ship them until March when they are due to be planted. So at least I can put that off. I guess I'd better get going out to the yard...

Glennis said...

Oh, Gilly, I love heucheras. Any and all!!! They are native here in the US - some species are western and some are eastern. Back in the '90s I got to meet Nancy Goodwin, at Montrose Nursery in North Carolina - she hybridized and selected some of the early patterned heucheras that have been bred to give rise to these wonderful new varieties.

Wishing you good health!