Thursday 6 October 2011


I was looking through old photos, and came acxross this one - and it started me thinking! I expect we have all got similar photos - this one is the First XII hockey team at my school. You will have to look hard to find me, but I am there!

I thought back to my schooldays - they weren't great, and I must have been a real pain in my early years there. I went when I was 10 rising 11, and it was all so different from the private school I had attended during the Second World War. But eventually I got my head round most subject and did quite well. Not Maths though. I missed a lot of lessons one year, and never caught up. Some things are still a mystery to me.

What were quadratic equations actually for?? Has anyone used them in adult life?

I didn't keep up with my ex-classmates - I moved away, and life changed. But I sometimes envy people who have stayed in the area they were born in, or went to school in, and still know what everyone from their school is doing.

But if I hadn't moved away, I doubt I would have found the opportunities I did find, and I don't suppose I would be the person I am now!

A very philosophical blog! But what about you? Did you move away? Stay in the same area? Do you now wish perhaps you had done things differently?


Jee said...

When my parents were alive they gave me constant news of the friends who stayed put, and my brother still does occasionally see someone I knew. I really envy people who have lived in the same house all their married life as we have moved regularly and lived in various parts of the country. I wish, having an only child, that she could have grown up with my friends' daughters of around the same age as she has had little contact with our extended families. Although she went to boarding school and her friends are scattered worldwide, she manages to keep up with a lot of them and their families.

Diane said...

I stayed in the same area, but stangely am only still in touch with the ones who moved away.I'm with you on the subject of maths - a real mystery to me too still! I remember having to have a Logrithm book - I don't know why, and I still don't know what they are??!! xxx

21 Wits said...

Oh this is perfect welcome back autumn...yummy treats too! This is a comment for your Tp welcome autumn...for some reason I can't comment on your other blog! Lovely photos!

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

I don't even know what quadratic equations ARE, never mind what they are for!

Which one are you Gilly? I can't tell!

As you probably know, I moved around dozens and dozens of times. Hopefully this next one will be my last one. I am pooped! I also envy people who stayed in the same place and have all those connections. But with the Internet nowadays, especially Google and Facebook, you can reconnect with anyone!

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

I live half a mile from the house I grew up in. I see some of my classmates from time to time, but I haven't kept up with most of them. Sadly our class was never close.

kenju said...

Gilly, I wish you'd tell us which one you are! That's a great photo to being back memories.

I moved away when I was 22 and never looked back! But I do stay in touch with some friends from those days.

21 Wits said...

Sorry again I couldn't leave my comment on the right post...But I know I can here! I have to find out more about Zeebrugge your second photo, very interesting piece. Great triangle photos, and how you captured and presented the so far little monkey it is precious....and I'm always a fan of roof tops...always...very great triangles!

Glennis said...

Oh, goodness. I've moved so many times! I've completely lost track of anyone I went to school with.

Oddly enough, my family now lives within 3 miles of a place we lived when I was 8 years old. My brothers moved there, and then we moved Mom there to be close to them. But I am really the only person who remembers it - my brothers were too young. It's weird. When I go, I'm in touch with memories and yet not in touch with anything else.

cheshire wife said...

I have moved so many times that I am practically a gypsy. All of my school friends, except one, moved away from the area where we went to school.

I have often wondered what it would have been like to stay in the area where I had grown up but I would never have met my husband.