Friday 22 April 2011


I love tulips, and I am really pleased the way these two pots have turned out. Though I do wish I had put more of the two-colour yellow and dark red ones in so that they made a fatter sort of display.

It is really hot here, especially for April, and everything is coming out and fading away so quickly. I have roses in bud already, and a pretty mauve daisy plant has flowered and before I could dead-head it, finished itself off!

It makes me wonder what will be left to bloom in June? And though I hate to put a dampner on the holidays, I do wish we could have a really good downpour. The gardens are so dry.

However, I shall enjoy the sun, and my garden, and wish you all a very happy Easter!


crafty cat corner said...

Your tulips look wonderful.
It takes fore-thought to plant bulbs for the spring and sometimes I think, Oh, I won't bother, but when the spring arrives I wish I had.
This autumn I resolve to plant some and especially tulips.
Have a lovely Easter and lets hope we get some rain soon.

Tracy said...

I love those two tone tulips...that's the sad thing about spring flowers; they certainly don't stay around long enough!
Have a lovely Blessed Easter!

Hollace said...

Happy Easter to you, too, Gilly.

We had frost this morning; it was 36 degrees, so not frozen, but still cold on my morning walk. I bought 3 hanging baskets for my eaves today: two for the sunny front and 1 for the shady back. I bought them from a greenhouse so they are bigger than the ones people are just starting to plant now. I am happy.

I am spending tomorrow getting ready for Easter dinner company. Then next weekend I am leaving on a road trip with my dad for 2 weeks. My husband thinks it will be good for my dad if I accompany him. (I agree, but I'm nervous about leaving hubby and 2 boys at home alone to manage...)

Your tulips are gorgeous. It sounds like your spring has been a lot warmer and drier than ours. Enjoy it!

kenju said...

Gilly, your tulips are gorgeous!! It is warm here too, so much so that my roses are already blooming.

sojourner said...

oh Gilley! your tulups make me smile really big! i love the two toned ones at the bottom. i wish i had your green thumb!

KathyA said...

Warm temps here and thunderstorms. As we approach May everything is so lush!

Is that Darlow's rose in your header photo?

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Tulips are my favorite flowers. Very pretty Gilly!