Sunday 3 April 2011


It doesn't seem a week since I last posted! Where does the time go? its not that I've been particularly busy, but lots of little things take up just as much time as big ones! And life can get on top of you too.

The pansies, however, survived being buried in snow, frozen by frosts and cut by harsh winds, and still they come up blooming! They are just getting into their stride now.

My early tulips have come along apace now the sunshine is here. I'm expecting bright red blooms very soon.

The daffodils we "inherited" when we moved in are still making a great show, even after 17 years. Most of those inherited daffodils are very pale, and look lovely against the sun. I've planted other, more yellow blooms to mix with them.

I took this merely because I loved the gentle colours. We do not normally encourage brambles in our garden, but its not doing any harm down the end by the compost bins!

And this is Max, enjoying the sun sitting at the front of the summer house. He was clipped the other day, so from looking like a shaggy hearthrug, he has gone to become a very handsome dog!

Not much to post here, but its Mothering Sunday today, and we are going to my daughter's for lunch. I am going to make the most of being pampered a little bit!


Jennyff said...

Hope you get totally spoilt today. The spring sunshine is here at last but we've had such high winds that most of my daffs are now in the prone position. Such is life.

kenju said...

Happy Mother's Day, Gilly. Your dog is handsome! My favorite dog ever was a black cocker spaniel. Those 'brambles' look like wild strawberries to me.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Sunny here today as well, Gilly. Hope that you had a very enjoyable pampered day! x

KathyA said...

Max is indeed a handsome dog.

We're having a mild day here for a change.

And those daffodils are almost white and so beautiful!

Tracy said...

Welcome back :) and you know what? I LOVE the pansies AND the daffodil which looks so gentle there.
Whatever it is you find to do with your days, enjoy every moment becuase time flies by so quickly!

Diane said...

He is a very handsome fella I agree! Hope you enjoyed your lunch. xxxx

Bailey Jones said...

I love the photo with the brambles.

cheshire wife said...

I prefer the pale daffodils. I think that they are more sophisticated. Some of the yellow ones can be rather blousy.