Tuesday 19 October 2010

Sunday Outing

It was a beautiful day on Sunday, so we headed out towards the Staffordshire Moorlands. These are really the tail end of the Peak District, which is mostly in Derbyshire, but the Staffordshire Moorlands are, surprise, surprise,in Staffordshire! It is slightly gentler country than the southern Peaks, and entirely different from the harsh, Dark Peak of the northern parts. The Roaches are a well-known wall of rocks, a favourite place for climbers and rough walkers. You can see them in the top left of the collage. The top right picture is the view from the road across to moors. The white blob on the skyline is actually the telescope at Jodrell Bank.

We wanted to go to an Antique Fair at Meereworth first. There were some lovely things there. I bought a couple of necklaces, and then persuaded Mr.G to buy me this gorgeous glass bowl for my birthday next month. The Dealer said it was Mdina glass; it is very heavy, thick and with wonderful coloured swirls in the glass. It is five inches across and three and a half inches tall. I love it!

After the Fair we went on to Tittesworth Reservoir, which is owned by Severn Trent Water, and they welcome the public there, although not IN the water! There are some beautiful walks round the lake, and I was so pleased with myself as we managed to get to my favourite place where the stream leaves the lake through the trees. We had lunch there, in the Visitor Centre, or rather outside, in the sun, where our dog could sit with us.

There were some very interesting things around. One was a giant sofa, made of wood, commpletely realistic. You can see Mr.G and Max, the dog, plus a little girl who came over, sitting on it! There was also a little house with no sides (?a Gazebo) where you could sit and admire the view, and down by the wooded places, where the ground was rougher, there were some fabulous seed heads of some sort of umbellifer plant.

It was altogether a lovely day out, and really did me good! I am determined to get us out more, especially as there probably won't be so many lovely days now winter is coming!


Diane said...

You know my motto Gilly - never stay in if its fine enough to play out! That looks like a beautiful walk. I dont mind it cold as long as the skies are blue!
PS The old lady at Brodsworth had lived in the Hall from birth. There are some lovely photos of her - she played a very active part in the community. Her daughter married a man and only had step children (that could not inherit the estate), so when Sylvia (the old lady) died, her daughter gave the estate to English Heritage as she couldnt upkeep it. I think she charged them £6million for the contents.

CorvusCorax12 said...

what a gorgeous walk and the bowl is beautiful. I would call the little house a Gazebo too.

Rosie said...

Hello Gilly - we too were at Tittesworth on Sunday - I wonder if we passed each other by and didn't know - we had elevenses in the cafe! Wasn't it a beautiful day?

cheshire wife said...

I do like that glass bowl. How come you get the good weather? It was grey and miserable here on Sunday afternoon.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Beautiful pictures of your day out Gilly. How lovely to be out in the autumn sunshine too.

I love your glass bowl too - such lovely colours. A x

KathyA said...

What a wonderful outing for both of you -- or should I say the three of you!

That wooden sofa is amazing! I've always like gazebos.

And that bowl! Happy Birthday, Gilly!

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Your glass bowl is spectacular! I just love it!
Glad you got out and had an enjoyable walk.

kenju said...

The bowl is really beautiful and I hope you place it somewhere where the light can shine through!

Glennis said...

What a nice outing. I love those skies and those green rolling meadows.

Your bowl is stunning. I'm so jealous!

Happy birthday!