Monday, 12 July 2010

A great Sunday walk

It was a beautiful afternoon on Sunday, sunny, with a pleasant breeze, so we took the dog and went off for a walk in the Teggs Nose Country Park near us. I persuaded Mr.G that we could attempt the very hilly bit, which I hadn't done for at least 6 years due to walking difficulties, but I was determined to have a go! The path is very steep to start with, though it looks flatter in the photo.

There were a few late foxgloves around, otherwise mostly bramble flowers, which the butterflies and other insects loved. Unfortunately they wouldn't stay still long enough for us to identify!

At the top (well, halfway up!) it levels out a bit and there is a splendid hornbeam tree there, which I have always loved, the trunk is so grooved and the branches look very climable!

We turned left and to prove I did it, I am sitting on a fallen tree that has been there as long as I can remember - (at least 16 years)

and is decaying in an interesting manner!

Along the way are little glades, where it opens out a bit. That is Mr.G trying to identify butterflies!

Teggs Nose Country Park is basically the remains of an old quarry, and there are lots of walks up and round it. The spoil heap is right above where we were walking. Quite safe though, plenty of vegetation around! I wasn't going to attempt the path up to there!

We joined the path at the side of the park, and there are some lovely views from there.

On a very clear day you can see the Welsh hills from here, but it wasn't quite clear enough for that!

The steps down are VERY steep. Why is it that when you take photos it sort of flattens everything? That black object halfway down is our dog!

All told, it was a lovely walk. Down the bottom are two big reservoirs, and I was shaken to see just how low they are. I've seen pictures in the local paper, but it isn't quite the same as seeing that the water now just looks like a little puddle in the middle. No wonder we have a hosepipe ban!



Diane said...

Lovely photo of you and the dog Gilly - great looking walk and very steep!! xxx

KathyA said...

YOU MADE IT! Brava, Gilly!! What a lovely walk!

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Looks like a lovely park. Good for you for tackling those paths!

kenju said...

I just love seeing your photos, Gilly, and you look very comfortable there!

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

well i was going to say that a quiet potter is lovely, but looking at those steps..... eeeks!

lovely, all utterly lovely.......