Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Garden Flowers

The roses in our garden have been splendid this year. That is, until the rains came! This pink one is a particular favourite of mine.

The lilies have finished now, but were lovely while they lasted. I am amazed the still flower as they have been in the same pot for several years. I tried to repot them, but couldn't get them out, and didn't want to break the pot!

The gaillardias are in a pot on the patio. They will have to go in the garden next year, if they survive this year, as they have been there a couple of years now. They are really beautiful, and attract bees and various other insects.

I love big white daisies. These are the shaggy sort, very tall, and the wind has now blown them over the twine holding them to some bamboo canes. I also bought a different sort of Shasta daisy. I didn't think they would get very showy this year, but they have exceeded my expectations!

Now all we need is a return to summer weather, and I can get out there and tidy things up!



Diane said...

Love the Daisy's. I know!! Where did the summer go???
Ok - so my rabbit was a hare, and my knockers where handles - whilst I am losing the plot, you seem to have a good grip still. Thank goodness one of us has.


KathyA said...

The flowers are soooo beautiful! Each time I looked at a photo, I'd say to myself, "I like this one the best!"
With all this heat many of our flowers are looking a bit bedraggled -- like the rest of us!

Ginnie said...

I loved your answer to Judy's question at "Imagine" and your flowers are amazing.

kenju said...

I love those shaggy daisies!!

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

echoing the appreciation of those lovely daisies!!