Sunday 8 November 2009

A blog without photographs? Can't be done yet, so I have found a picture - Ships leaving the harbour - by one of my favourite artists, Paul Klee, who was at Bauhaus in Germany during its short life. I have always liked the Art Deco period, especially as I was actually born during this time, and things my parents owned were typical of this period. Where are they now? (the items, not my parents, they are now dead) I wish I knew, some of the china and glassware would be quite valuable now.

I have at last got a new computer, mine having been declared 'kaput' by the Computer Man handily at the end of the road. Mr. G has nobly donated his computer (much newer, bigger and more bells and whistles than my old one) and is using his laptop for his own computing. At the moment this computer is full of his own photographs, documents etc. so I am waiting patiently until I can upload photos from my new camera.

Ah, my new camera! I took several shots, trying it out, all seems fine, but we have had days of rain, and I got tired of photographing wet leaves, and now its bright again, I am crippled with my old back problem. Just hoping its the result of shifting desks, etc. yesterday, and not too permanent. But further than the patio outside, and that is painful, I cannot go!

But there is nothing wrong with my typing fingers, so here I am again, ready to read your blogs - will have to find them again, my 'favourites' list has gone - and hoping you are all having a good weekend!


theMuddledMarketPlace said...


i'm not entirely certain that shifting desks is the Done Thing....but no nagging,
as i'm almost certain that i shall be told off for doing Exactly the same when I'm in my 70s!

VioletSky said...

Now, I wonder, did you appreciate the art deco stuff your parents had at the time, or were you like me (except in my case mid- century modern) only appreciating now?

kenju said...

Welcome back, Gilly. I await photos, patiently!

KathyA said...

I'm happy for us that your fingers are alive and well!
Moving heavy furniture is probably not a good idea!!
Can't wait to see the new photos.

cheshire wife said...

Interesting picture. I have never seen a blue moon before!

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Hope your back is better. We are anxiously awaiting some beautiful pictures taken with your new camera

Lonely Rivers said...

Years ago I was teaching children to appreciate art and we studied Paul Klee. The kids loved his work! One day I invited the students to my home and they looked at the art on my walls. They were most impressed with a very special piece created by my son when he was in kindergarten. "Oh WoW" they said, you have an original Paul Klee!" I knew then that I had taught them well!