Thursday 26 November 2009

Birds and bits and bobs

Most of the autumn leaves have gone now, but the cotoneaster (variety unknown, it just appeared!) has made a valiant effort to brighten up the garden! This photo was taken from our back door, and it has really done a great job of cheering me up! There were a lot of berries, but the birds scoffed the lot!

The cotoneaster horizontalis, in the front gardeen is a brilliant scarlet this year. There are a lot of berries ready for the blackbirds later.

Even the hydrangea has put on a bit of a show this year. I don't remember it turning such a pretty colour in previous years.

In the park, the heron is back. I tried to photograph him standing in the water, with a lovely reflection, but he took one look at me and flew off, to land on the railings. Its not a brilliat picture, but it does prove he is there!

The numbers of Canada geese are building up, together with the mallards, and the hybrid ducks there which always make me think of a little pure white duck who appeared one year, to the delight of the drakes.......

Now the trees are bare, I can see their beautiful shapes, and also spot where the nests were built! I think this must have been a magpie's nest, as it is so untidy! Its not really big enough for a crow, though it might have been, as the high winds could have blown stuff away. I will watch the spot carefully next spring, in case they, whoever they were, use it again!

Haven't been very mobile just lately, but hope to get out a bit more soon!


Sue said...

Hello Mum... these are nice pics and I liked your story about the pretty white duck. I am so busy but hope to post some Munich pics soon... speak soon anyway :-) xxxxx

Cloudhands said...

Sorry to hear your coming and going has been put on hold, hope you are out and about soon. Love the colors that still shine in your garden. I especially like your bare bones tree. I love to be able to see the shape and character of trees. Of course when spring comes I'll thrill to the new life in the greenery.

Anonymous said...

I think your heron photo is brilliant - and I believe I know the name of your self-seeded cotoneaster because I have one too, also self-seeded, or rather courtesy of a bird. I'll check the name if you like and let you know; just email me if you would like me to do so.

KathyA said...

I think the photos of the heron is quite good. And the hydrangea has remarkable colour. The cotoneaster is beautiful.
Hope you are well.

kenju said...

I have never seen hydrangea leaves turn that color before and it is lovely. Always like herons, even when they won't cooperate!

Hollace said...

Isn't it wonderful when we aren't able to get out that nature brings a show to us through the windows? I am amazed at the heron photo--they usually strike me as so elegant, standing in the water, but this one seems rather inelegant! (No fault to the photographer!)
The leaves have fallen here, too; we have had a windy week shaking them right off the trees. Alas, they are in my driveway and blown into the corners of my yard.
I hope you will feel up to your old self soon, Gilly. I'll have a cup of tea for you now. Holly

Marja said...

Oh what a beautiful bird and these purple coloured leaves beautiful
Strange to see the winter picture while here all is in full bloom
Take care and keep warm

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Love your Heron photo - they're great birds, very appealing - and weren't you lucky to get so close. Best wishes. Lesley