Tuesday 14 April 2009

Tulips, Bank Holidays etc.

This is here for no other reason than I like tuplips. They don't last all that long, and the tall ones are vunerable to the wind, but I love the way they open and show off their interiors!

We had a lovely Bank Holiday surprise when my daughter and son-in-law arrived for a cup of tea and a biscuit or two! They were out "for a drive" following a book of "Afternoon Drives" published, I would think, in about the 1930's. Thad had enormous fun trying to follow the instructions (no map, of course) along roads that had changed. The M6 has rather spoiled our country, cutting it in half, but there are still some lovely places around.

The weather was lovely, sun nearly all the time, so all in all we had a very good Easter holiday! Not forgetting, of course, the real reason for Easter - I went to a church I used to attend, (mainly because my present church has Victorian pews which make my 21st century back and legs agonising ) and I had a really good sing there and felt very thankful to the entire Holy Trinity

I do hope you all had a good time too, and that I am not making you envious! ;)


Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Glad you had a fun Easter. The tulip pictures are so cheerful. I love tulips, but have a problem with voles or moles eating the bulbs. I'll have to enjoy the pictures of yours.

Sue said...

Beautiful mosaic!

The book was actually as late as 1957... I think that, had it been any earlier, there would have been no chance whatsoever of successfully finding our way.

Wasn't it clever of me to find a route that went nearly past your house? ;-)

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

the M6..aha.
we were living in the Pennines when the blessed thing came practically through our village.
My childhood was filled with protest songs!

lovely tulips!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

I love tulips too and the way they open right up, almost flat, in the sunshine. Your Easter sounds lovely. We enjoyed our few days too and the fine weather was a bonus. A x

Diane said...

Tulips are one of my favorites too (Agapanthus being my all time favorite). I have a few tulips in the garden, but must remember to plant more for next year. I like the sound of the book. I fancy doing something like that in an old Morris Traveller with a picnic basket and tweedy rug. xx

konnykards .. Musings of a Senior Citizen said...

Lovely tulips!
You asked about my mosaic - I use Picassa lots, it has random shape and placement options which are fun to try out before you make a final selection. It's a free upload programme from Google, easy to use. Have fun if you try it.
It seems we are both in NHS queues - I'm now waiting for three different appointments, though must say that I have had very prompt appointments recently and excellent attention - I hope this continues for each of us! Connie.

KBeau said...

I had to come visit your blog when I saw that you were in the UK. We will be visiting your country in the fall. I can't wait.

cottonreel said...

Hi Gilly . You left a comment on my site re, mosaic, it doesn,t really need a steady hand , you can manouvre the pieces with a toothpick, it is very relaxing to do. I love tulips myself, those big globs of colour are just magic. Have a look at my site . I had to rescue some--cottonreel