Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Winter's come!

Winter has come, and it snowed quite hard last night, though it is all melting now. The dog adored it, and raced around, getting soaked in the process.

I loved the way the snow had blown against the trees, making an interesting pattern.

I was touched too, by the concern showed by one elderly gentleman, that I didn't slip as I walked with my crutches. He pointed out that I was quite isolated in the Park, which was true. Where were all the dog walkers this morning?

But it wasn't as slippery as it looked, and I survived. But its good to know that people care. Even if they are as old as I am!

But getting back home, I loved the snow hats on the hedge we cut down (in the fond hope it would sprout out again!)


Rainbow dreams said...

snow is so pretty.. thank you for the photos - we rarely get any here,so it's nice to see someone elses :)

Sue said...

I like the snow hats too! I think you should post some photos of Maxie as he is so lovely.

Marja said...

Hi Gilly thanks for visiting me. I love the photo's of the snow especially the snow hats Thanks for sharing