Friday, 26 December 2008


We had a wonderful time with my daughter, her husband and in-laws. All very easy to get on with, but this introvert is now "peopled out".
A delicious meal, and lots of fun, lots of presents, plenty of chatter, and news exchanged. Very quiet without the boys, who are in New York with their father.
Now it is a gorgeous bright day, sun shining, new bicycles being tried out in the park, dogs running around, and I am enjoying a quiet house and a browse round the world on the comuter!
(The picture is "Heaven" by Charles Andrade)


Elizabeth Musgrave said...

Hi Gilly, thanks for visiting my blog and sounds like you had a good Christmas. I know what you mean about being peopled out! I love having lots of people around but need a bit of peace and quiet to build myself up to the next round.

Rainbow dreams said...

Am pleased you had a good time - sometimes we need quiet time after all it's all over... I am looking forward to having time at home which sounds daft! When will you get to see the boys again?

much2ponder said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I find it interesting trying to understand the world through the eyes of others. I enjoy your blog and will come back to read again. I can relate to your words...I too am an introvert and enjoying the family and friends at holiday times is fun, but wares me out. I look forward to a day or two of quiet to rejuvenate, then a couple more gatherings and it's back to work!