Monday 29 July 2013


Our next port of call was Palma.   We had visited it years ago, and I was astonished at the building and change that had gone on since we were there.    We moored quite a way from the town, and the journey in to the centre by the free shuttle bus was not only longer than I had thought it would be, but heavily built up all the way, with hotels, office blocks and blocks of flats.

However, the bus dropped us more or less outside the Cathedral.   The area there, and the park next to it was all on reclaimed land - when we were there it was beach!   We decided to keep to the old town, neither of us wanted to go shopping.

Going towards the cathedral, we crossed the park, which had a large lake and fountain.   The Spanish are very fond of water and fountains and here in front of the cathedral precinct, was no exception.

Deciding that rather than aimless wandering around the old town, it would be better to have a definite place to aim for, I announced I wanted to see the Arab Baths.   I honestly hadn't a clue what they were, except that I had read they were worth seeing!

We walked along beside the cathedral, and then along the narrow streets, and finally arrived at the Arab baths, which had been well sign-posted, so I felt they were obviously a tourist attraction    I was amazed when I got there.   We went through a narrow passage and came out in a pretty walled garden, with four square plots of trees and plants.   It wasn't very big, but was quite delightful.   The entrance to the baths was  narrow and keyhole shaped, and inside was a biggish sort of chimney shaped area, corbelled up to three holes in the roof.   There were notices explaining how the baths worked, something like Roman baths, with warm, hot and cold areas.   The arches that kept up the roof were beautiful, and in very good nick considering they had been there since the early 11th century!

After all that sight-seeing, we wandered back and found a shady place to have lunch, then just walked round the marina and looked at the yachts.   Some of them must have been worth millions of pounds!

And then it was back to the ship, and a farewell look at the old town from the Port area as we set sail.

Next stop, Gibraltar!


sojourner said...

Noticed you visited my blog and returned here to answer your questions and was surprised to see you had posted again! Loved the arches at the bath. It is amazing that the masonry would continue to be strong. I had come across your blog a few years ago and visited regularly until I stopped posting. I recently returned to posting and visited the blogs I had on my favorites list, and yours was one. So glad you are still traveling and writing. Thank you for visiting my blog and yes the paintings are done by me. I took up painting in 2011 and have enjoyed it so much! Blessings to you with your travels!

21 Wits said...

Gilly, what lovely photos, thanks for sharing, it's like almost being there too. Enjoy.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Lovely pics from lovely Mallorca, Gilly! The Arab Baths, what a find - must visit if I ever go back. Lesley x

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Wow, you two really get around!

Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing all those pictures.