Monday 7 January 2013


I thought I had better get on with wishing everyone a Happy new Year, or before we know it I will be saying "Happy Easter"!

There's nothing like this blossom yet, but I'm posting it so that we can all cheer ourselves up with thinking what is coming when Spring arrives.

Well, I do hope so. We've all had such odd, unusual and really nasty weather last year, that we can only hope and pray that it gets better this year! Though with all the grim warnings of more extreme weather coming, and jet streams and the like moving around, I'm not getting out my bikini yet (as if I did!!)

I hope you all had a good Christmas. We were very quiet, and unable to have a family Christmas this year, but it was still nice.

I walked round our garden this morning, and found a lot of bulbs coming up, new shoots peeking out of the ground, and a Robin singing his heart out not two feet away from me! I planted a lot of bulbs in pots this year, but have several little pots where I planted some bulbs that were over and some that Mr.G got free from the Garden Centre. Now I can't remember what I've planted where! The two biggest pots I know have Tulips in and a big trough has little early daffodils, but the others are a bit of a mystery. Looks like I will be having a surprise when they come out!

I hope 2013 will be a really good year for you all!


Jee said...

Happy New Year, Gilly. I've just found an unplanted pack of hyacinths which had fallen behind some boxes in the garage!

21 Wits said...

This makes me feel spring is coming soon! Hehehehe!

kenju said...

And I hope the same for you, Gilly. We have forsythia in bloom and my daffodils have 3-4 buds showing already.