Saturday 30 June 2012




It has been such dreadful weather this month (June) that we haven’t got out at all.   Luckily we have not been affected by the floods – I feel very sorry for those whose home and belongings have been ruined.

So I thought I would take you on a bit of a walk round our garden – everything is growing well, including the grass and the weeds!


IMG_2123         Rain drops on African Marigold

I have antirrhinums in pots on the patio, and they have done very well.   I also have African Marigolds, and the raindrops on the petals looked like diamonds fixed in a piece of jewellery.


The pink roses have again gone riot among our orange honeysuckle!   I quite like the contrast.   If you look at the right hand picture you will see why I can’t prune the roses properly – the honeysuckle has longingly entwined itself around the roses!

IMG_2139                              IMG_2141

The Mock Orange is lovely again                             And smells gorgeous especially after rain



We have a very tall foxglove – If you look in the centre top of the photo you can see it peeping out from the Buddleia.   I reckon the flower spike is at least 4 ft. high!   We only spotted it when it appeared at the top!

And lastly a view down what I grandly term our herbaceous bed!   Last of the alliums and aquilegias, plus nepeta, astrantia and alchemilla.   Good old reliable favourites of mine!

Sorry this blog is rather late, but I thought I ought to prove I was still alive!


Diane said...

Glad you are still alive and kicking! My garden is looking very battered. I can't believe this summer is so bad (again!!!) xxxx

kenju said...

Gorgeous flowers!! The photo of the rain on the marigold is stunning!

VioletSky said...

Not having a garden of my own, I love to see what others have done with theirs.
...and I am glad to see you are still alive!

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

I heard about your wet weather over there Gilly. Glad at least it's good for the flowers! They are beautiful.

We've had some crazy weather too. Had some kind of unusual storm last week, something called a derecho, that knocked everyone's power out on the east coast. Ours was out for almost a week. And in hundred degree heat! Suffice it to say that my flowers are wilting, lol.

Hollace said...

Such a pretty garden. I think I need to have some Mock Orange. Is it fragrant?