Sunday 13 May 2012


We finally arrived back home on Thursday afternoon - since when I seem to have done nothing but load the washing machine up! However, it was all worth it, as we had a lovely holiday, with marvellous weather. The Ship was fairly large, but not so much that I found it difficult to get around. Our cabin was very comfortable, and it was wonderful to have a balcony, so that we could look out in the mornings to see where we were, and sit in the afternoon when we had been out and just wanted to flop down! I have chosen just a few photographs to show you, I will try and get myself organised and get some more out. If you are not bored, that is!
Our second port of call was Lisbon. The harbourside was surprisingly interesting (we had been told it wasn't!) and we found dancers doing some sort of Spanish Country dancing, in gorgeous costumes. Yes, that is our ship in the background!
Lisbon is very keen on having tiled pavements and squares, in lovely patterns. However, this particular pattern made me feel rather sick, as the ground looked undulating! I was, however, completely flat! Rather unsettling!
Many of Lisbon's streets are narrow, with lots of smaller shops. We took a coach tour round the city, which meant I could see so much more than I could had I had to walk.
We next went to the Island of Tenerife, where the temperature soared - not surprising considering we were off the coast of West Africa! It was a very mountainous island, and the roads went up and up in more hairpin bends than I thought possible, and then down the other side, of course!
Where the soil was good, vines were cultivated, and a very plesant local wine produced. The Islanders also grew lots of vegetables, and tomatoes in the south of the Island.
Las Palmas is the capital of Gran Canaria, and we took a taxi to the old town, which we found fascinating. We were able to go up to the top of the cathedral tower - no stairs, they had installed a lift! From there we could look right across the town.
This is the view looking over the main square from the Cathedral tower. I held onto the wall very tightly, even though it was chest high and very substantial!


Patricia said...

Lovely photos Gilly. It sounds as though you had a fabulous time on your cruise. Patricia

21 Wits said...

Oh good for you! What an amazing trip, and the photos are just wonderful! Thanks!

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

That is beautiful Gilly! It amazes me that whole towns are just built into the sides of mountains. Those tiles would have made me dizzy too! Looking forward to more pictures. How could they be boring?

Diane said...

Oh I can feel the sun on my face!! Fabulous Gilly.

VioletSky said...

It all sounds so wonderful...!

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

OOOh! Lovely!!

kenju said...

Gilly, what a lovely vacation you've had!! I won't get bored with the photos - bring them on!

Hollace said...

Those vineyards on the steep hillsides are beautiful!
For some reason my computer hasn't been letting me leave comments but I wanted to tell you how beautiful the photo of Cromer was--the one with the pink and yellow buildings--It seems to look just like a seaside town should look! And, I did enjoy your blog on rooftops: the 2 photos at the end where the roofs seem to be piled on top of each other would make a great painting. Get Sue onto that =)