Wednesday 29 February 2012



This is the tree stump of a tress that was cut down a few years back. It had been rotting nicely over the years, showing a fine crop of various fungi. A few months ago I noticed that the rotten wood had been scratched out, and to be honest, I thought it was kids.

But this week, large holes have appeared round it, and someone told me it was Badgers, looking for grubs.

Now we are really in an urban area, although one with plenty of green spaces, large gardens, and a few overgrown or untended areas. But I was surprised to think badgers would come so near us, into the Park. Then I read that they wander quite big distances in the night, looking for food.

Now the half cut beech tree(see my link) has been stripped of its bark on one side. Again, I thought it was boys being destructive with knives, but now I think it might be badgers.

Anyone out there know much about badgers? They are such attractive animals. I once saw one ambling along a field path, and he (or she) was absolutely beautiful!


Glennis said...

I don't know about badgers. We don't have them here in Southern California - at least I don't think so. But we have raccoons!

Diane said...

I suppose it could be. They can be quite destructive when they start. I once went away to Cub camp with my lad, and when all the kids had gone to sleep, we oldies sat outside for a drink. A Dad, Mum and baby Badger used to come around for scraps of food we had thrown out, they were amazing (This was in Castleton). xxx

kenju said...

I am sorry to say I know nothing about them, Gilly.

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Oh Gilly, have you seen that YouTube video about honey badgers? It's really funny. Do a search and it'll come up. Everybody's watching it. You'll get an education, lol. (Caveat: there's some cursing.)