Saturday 26 November 2011


I have been trying since Tuesday - 4 days ago - to get a new blog up. But as soon as I think I have got a spare half hour - there's something else to be done.

Its been a busy week - a Committee meeting on Monday, a Members Morning on Thursday, and my Creative Writing Group on Friday. (I'll tell you about Wednesday in a mo!) All of these activities are connected with me being Secretary of the local U3A, which for those who don't know, is the University of the Third Age, a National Organisation for the over 50's, who are retired or not working. Basically, the stored and deep knowledge of its members is given to Groups who are interested. Like learning a language, Photography, Handicrafts, Painting, and where I go, Creative Writing.

Now our CW Group is putting on a performance (?) of the "12 Days of Christmas" at our Christmas Party in a fortnight, and I can tell you, if it all goes right, hopefully it will be very funny. Though I have a feeling if it all goes wrong, it will be even funnier!

Wednesday we went to one of my favourite stores, Lakeland, a wonderful store selling everything domestic. Then we went to Bramhall, where we, as usual, trawled the Charity Shops. Bramhall is a lovely little town, lots of boutique-y shops, and really nice places to have lunch. I must say, being a town in the wealthier end of Cheshire, we did find a very high quality of goods in the charity Shops.

If you are wondering what my collage is all about - its leaves. As all the leaves have mostly come off the trees now, and down onto our lawn, I thought I'd post some leaves that I enjoy looking at!

And the second photo is the lovely sky on Tuesday evening. We haven't got much of a view to the west here, but it was so colourful I had to take a shot of it.


Diane said...

I for one would love to see what bargains you bagged. xxxxxx

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Smashing photos Gilly - love your description of the charity shops. x

Somewhere round about said...

Bramhall's charity shops......ahhh....

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

The charity shops sound like fun. So does the performance of "The 12 Days of Christmas".

kenju said...

Beautiful color in the sky!!
As you know, my time has all been spent working!