Tuesday 22 June 2010

Surrey Visit part 1

I had a wonderful few days staying with my sister in Surrey. She is a very keen gardener, and my visit turned out to be very horticultural! Her patio is beautiful, with glowing deep red roses, and big-leaved hostas. Quite as good as any of the gardens we visited! I haven't "tweaked" any of these photos, so you will have to excuse them if they are not quite up to standard!

The first one we went to was Loseley Park. The house is also open, but we confined ourselves to the gardens, as it was a beautiful day. The house was built in the 1560's, and has been in the same family for 500 years. The walled garden was laid out formally in the 16th century, but has had many alterations and remakes since then, including a design by Gertrude Jekyll.

The entrance, even into the courtyard (where the pay desk is!) is quite imposing

The roofs make a very interesting skyline.

The entrance to the gardens is through huge yew hedges, which looked as if they had been shaved, so closely were they cut!

The award-winning Rose garden is famous, and was at its peak when we went. It had a big re-design starting in 1991, and looks magnificent now.

In the centre is a big gazebo, covered with gorgeous cream roses (my favourite!)

I especially liked these pink and red roses

The herb garden was divided in sections: medicinal, culinary, household and decorative. The scent was almost overwhelming in the hot sun!

Two views in the herb garden

There was also a pond, with a fountain

and waterlilies

In the vegetable and cut flower section, the poppies especially were lovely.

There was also "The Canal", a stretch of water that was full of waterlilies, fish, with mayflies and masses of flowers around. It was bordered on the path side by a stone wall, and in that, and by the edge of the canal, and in fact everywhere they could get a foothold were the tiny erigeron karveniensis (?spelling)

At the end of the canal, and the only way back, unless we retraced our footsteps, were these ancient steps. Quite a challenge (for me), but so beautiful!

We finished our morning with lunch in the tearoom. It was too hot to eat anything heavy, so I had this interesting assortment of olives, peppers, hummous and crusty bread. Very good!

We did a lot more over the weekend, but that will have to wait for part 2.


KathyA said...

'Imposing' is an apt word! Can you imagine living in a home that large and with those tremendous gardens? Oh, and the roses!!!!

Your sister's garden is so lovely, so welcoming. It's plain that the gardening abilities are familial.

Hollace said...

I would love to sit for an hour in the gazebo with cream roses. I can just imagine the smell in the sunshine! It seems that your visit was perfectly timed with the roses at their peak. How lovely for you.

In the first shot I didn't realize how large the house is, but in the fantastic rooftop shot I began to get an idea. I wonder if siblings stay on there together after they have grown and married, or if the estate just passes to the eldest son? After 500 years it could be a village of cousins!

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

What a beautiful place! The gardens are so pretty and the home looks magnificent.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Both beautiful gardens and the roses particularly look gorgeous. Sounds as though you had a lovely stay. A x

kenju said...

What a gorgeous place!! I'd love to visit there.

Diane said...

I have a pal who lives near Loosely Park, but Ive never been. It looks great, i'll have to go! You look as if you had the weather for it too. xxxx

theMuddledMarketPlace said...


Carolyn said...

Wonderful photos. Our roses are resting now, and the ones you pictured are especially lovely.

Your photos have inspired me to start add photos to my blog. I haven't gotten around to "tweaking" yet on any of them.

Glennis said...

What wonderful photos. The old stone contrasted with the fresh flowers is stunning.

I'd love to have gone along on your adventure.