Friday, 30 January 2009

Things I can fall over in the street

I have to be rather careful where I put my feet these days - I can easily trip over the least little thing! Many of our pavements are still the old york stone slabs used whenever they made the roads a bit better than muddy tracks. And the York stone gets horribly slippery in wet weather. So I was looking carefully when I saw this lovely old manhole cover. It must have led to the coal store in the cellar, but there is a new Bank there now, and nothing remains, at least on the outside, of the original building. I wonder, if it was a self-locking cover, how the coal man delivered his fuel there? Or maybe it was the job of a harrassed little maid to make sure it was open for him? I shall look out for other interesting ground-level items now. After all, its always the little things that trip us up!

And I felt rather sorry for the lost elastic band there!


Marja said...

That looks indeed lovely What you all see when you look down. My son must look down often because he always finds some coins on the street.

Rainbow dreams said...

I always think so much care has gone into the design of things like that...and yes, their part in history, what stories surround them. It can pay to look down as Marja says, amazing what you can find!
Have a lovely day

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

what a brilliant image, thank you!