Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Cheerful thins in my January garden

I love this grass, I can see it from my kitchen window, and also look down on it from my bedroom. It rustles in the wind, bending gracefully even in the strongest gales. Once it had wonderful "flowers", which turned to fluffy seed heads. Surprisingly sturdy, they lasted until nesting time, when the sparrows quickly stripped the fluffy bits off and carried them off to their nests. But we haven't had any flowers since, and I'm wondering if we cut it down too late in the season. I would hate to lose that pale dancing grass though. Its a miscanthus, if anyone out there knows what to do with it.

The Euonymous leaves also shine in the sun. They hide behind a wooded summer house, so you come across them suddenly. I like gardens like that!
Mind you, the rest of the garden looks a mess, but the daffodil bulbs are all showing about 2 inches high, and also crocuses that I planted last year.
Spring is on the way!


cheshire wife said...

Our garden is looking a bit forlorn at the moment but I have noticed that some of the bulbs are poking out of the ground and some of the snowdrops area almost out.

Sue said...

I should think your miscanthus will flower better than ever this year. I expect you just chopped off its flowering stems by mistake :-)

Marja said...

Ah my husband loves grasses. We have simular ones and I got to live these gracious lines inour garden. Have a nice day Marja

VioletSky said...

I live in a highrise and love planting grasses on the balcony so that I can watch them waving in the breeze and almost imagine there is land directly beyond my window. Unfortunately, it means I have to replace them every year.

Carolyn said...

Miscanthus can be invasive in natural areas, so it may be worthwhile to remove the flowering heads before seeds mature. What a spoil-sport I am.