Sunday, 18 January 2009

Photographs - true or false?

In an idle half-hour or so I messed around with some of my pictures of our garden in past summers. Photoshop is very useful! The above one of alchemilla leaves was merely adjusted for contrast.
But the next one was "liquified". Would make a rather nice fabric, I thought, for a summer conservatory, if you have such a thing!

This next one was pixilated. Makes it look a bit like patchwork.
But doing all this did make me realise just how easy it is to alter photographs. Airbrush a bit off here and a bit off there, and lo! and behold, a much slimmer figure! Or just airbrush someone out completely. He or she was never there.
What can you believe these days? Newspapers? TV? Internet? Where is the truth? Or is nothing true?


Sue said...

Gosh, how sinister. There was I thinking about the pretty flowers and suddenly it's like an episode of Spooks...

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

oooh that last one's a bit...something or other anyway.

middle one is lovely

and the top, they're a firm favourite of mine in the garden!


Marja said...

That looks great The second one is like a painting and the third like mosaic What fun to do

VioletSky said...

Well, I liked the special effects. But the photos that are adjusted for contrast or overly saturated colour just look ... like they have been photoshopped which detracts from the beauty of the ooriginal.