Saturday, 3 January 2009


I'm struggling for inspiration as I try to complete a writing commission I have. Normally I have a fairly long time to do it, but this time, the email asking me about it went astray, and so I have to finish it all by early February. Sounds a long time, but I know from experience that the days go by rather quickly when you don't want them to! there is always something else to do - answer the phone, make a cu of coffee, take the dog for a walk, all sorts of things. And I search the Thesaurus for exactly the right word and before I know it, I'm desperately editing and trying to get the right number of words!

Distraction is just too easy!


A cloud of gulls swirled above the lake
unsettled by the wind
which whipped through the trees
tearing off the leaves which had
dared to hold on until winter.
Down by the bandstand
the old man plodded carefully along
followed by his aged Labrador
with stiff back legs
as they did every morning
about this time.


Sue said...

I love your poem Mum, it is somehow optimistic and sad at the same time. I'm sure you will find your inspiration from somewhere, don't despair! x

Rainbow dreams said...

who do you write for? what kind of commission? Wishing you all the luck as I sit here, rewriting and redesigning session plans and resources for this term - needed by Tuesday!! Where did that time go? I know what you mean