Sunday, 25 January 2009

Strange angles

I was looking through my photographs and I found these three taken at rather odd angles. The first one was taken at the new Lifeboat Museum at Cromer, in Norfolk, UK. Its called the Henry Blog Museum after a very famous coxswain of a lifeboat some years ago. I was lucky enough to be invited to the opening ceremony, as I had contributed some excellent photographs taken by my father of Cromer before the War. I was looking round the exhibition on opening day and amused the crowds there enormously when I shrieked "That's me!" at a photo they had displayed on a very small me in a baggy knitted costume standing on the beach! The next one was taken at the Monument on Anglesey, in North Wales. There is only one Monument, hence "The" Monument. I didn't even attempt to climb up it, but my husband did and the two black specks are him waving to me! I got dizzy just trying to look upwards!
The last is a rather sad chair at the end of the garden leaning against a compost bin. I just loved the colours as the paint peels off. Its handy after some hard digging. Not that I can do that, but I do sometimes rest on the chair!


theMuddledMarketPlace said...

i Love These!

Rainbow dreams said...

great photos :) love them.. x

Marja said...

Nice story would have loved to see the one from you on the beach. So your dad was a photographer
Love the pics

cheshire wife said...

So where is the photo of you in your bathing costume?