Monday, 12 January 2009

Something to cheer us up!

As it is such a grey day, I looked through some past holiday photos and found this one of some hot steps in a village on Lake garda in Italy. We had hopped over there by ferry, and were wandering around the old streets, just enjoying the sun, and the flowers.

Then I decided we needed a really bright photo - the tomatoes and pepper have now been eaten and much enjoyed.
Happy Monday, everyone!


feelinggreen said...

Thanks, Gilly. It certainly has brightened up a dull morning for me.

Gilly said...

Thanks for popping into my blog, feeling green! Your blog looks good - will keep visiting!

Carolyn said...

We've had some grey days here in Central California too. It was almost too foggy to drive last night. Sunny Italy cannot compete with us for hot sun in summer, though. A lovely photo. Coastal Southern california, on the other hand, is usually beautiful about now and gloomy in June.

That pepper doesn't look too different from the photo I found at Thompson and Morgan. Beautiful veggies for winter. It's navel orange season in the foothills near here, and we are cheered by the color of these fruits right now.

Sue said...

Very jolly! You have a good eye for colour. x

Rainbow dreams said...

That is cheerful.. I love Italy the couple of times I've been, but would like to see the lakes too.
It's a bit chilly here today!!

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

isn't it interesting how differnt colour effect us?
I scroll down...and smiled!

thank you!