Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Man's (and woman's?) Best friend

By poopular request (well,one person) I am posting a picture of our dog, Max. He is a roan cocker spaniel, with an incredible sense of smell and his own agenda.

He has one aim in life - to get FOOD! As soon as I go into the kitchen, he is there, pleading look in his eyes, ready for the most miniscule scrap or crumb that might fall to the floor!

He also likes collectiong sticks, long walks, and takes us out into the Park every day.

He is hopesless on a lead, and gets thoroughly tangled up in chicanes like the Muddled Market Place shows on her blog. Kissing gates also faze him.

Wouldn't be without him, though!


Anonymous said...

Ah, that "feed me, feed me!" look. Our own hairy horror has it to perfection. Your Max reminds me of the ancient cocker spaniel from our local pub. She's even been known to try and eat the odd beer mat, if pressed!

Helen said...

Hello Gilly,
Did you mean to put "By poop ular demand"! It made me laugh, anyway. Love your dog too. Mine eats anything, wooly hats, TV remote, pears, magazines. We live in a state of seige. x

Marja said...

Oh he is so cute. We had a brown cockers Spaniel when we were young.
They are so friendly. Still a Happy New Year Gilly !!!

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

brilliant- we like him!