Thursday, 19 March 2009

Park benches

By popular request (!) here are the new park benches. The three new ones are set under flowering cherries, but still look rather brash to me. They are comforable, though. There are also backless ones round the bandstand, which is falling down, anyway! Though occasionally a brave band plays there. Its lovely when they do, as lots of families come, and sit on the grass (weather permitting!) and just enjoy themselves. This is the formal part of the park. My lovely green, worn benches are further down, at the start of the less formal bits. I still think they look better!

Maybe I just like older, worn things, that have lived, been loved, fit me. Perhaps that is because I am older now, I don't want everything that is new. OK if its just fashion, but if its ideas and thoughts, maybe I could get to being an old stick-in-the-mud! But then I have my daughter to make sure I don't do that!!

Its a question of balancing wisdom with freshness and a willingness to embrace the new. Can be tricky!


much2ponder said...

Yes I agree, it can be tricky:) Look at that green grass! Spring is here! Spring is here!

cheshire wife said...

New things often look out of place until we get used to looking at them. Those new benches do look very smart. I am sure that they will soon weather and blend in.

Violet said...

Your older green benches look much more comfortable, I think. They are more rounded and 'softer'. As most lovely 'old things' are!!

sojourner said...

Thanks for showing us the new ones. The are nice but they don't have the character the old ones have!