Monday, 30 March 2009

I was given an Amaryllis bulb for Christmas, already planted in a lovely white pot, and after a bit of TLC it has turned out a lovely bi-colour pinky-red. There are already two blooms, with another two coming on that head and a big fat bud nearly ready to split.

I love getting Christmas presents that last. And not just last, but change as the weeks go on! I am getting a lot of pleasure from my plant. But then the best presents are the ones that last, aren't they? And not always the most expensive. Just something that shows love, thought and care in choosing, or even just being with a friend or relative you don't often see.

Speaking of relatives, I am soon to become a great-grandmother which sounds sooo old! Don't suppose I will see all that much of her (yes, she's a little girl) but I will follow her development with great interest.


Violet said...

And I love your Amaryllis.
I had two given me at Christmas that I charted for their growth on my blog. I was so excited every morning when I'd check in on them to see the changes!

Rainbow dreams said...

What an exciting time - and what a beautiful present :) gorgeous colours

theMuddledMarketPlace said...