Friday, 19 June 2009

Ladies Outing

Yesterday (Thursday) I went with the Ladies Group from an Evangelical Church (I belong to the group, not to the Church!) on our Summer Outing. We went to a Garden Centre and Farm Shop in Cheshire. It looked small when we got there, but as someone said, it was like Tardis - it just went on and on! You thought you had come to the end, turned a corner, and there was a whole lot more!

As well as flowers

there were a lot of quirky things for sale.

Some of them were very odd!

We all had a lovely lunch together, and then wandered round the Farm Shop, seeing lots of things that we couldn't possibly do without!

It was a very good day out, and lovely to be with people we knew well, and get to know those we didn't know quite so well.

Friendship is a very valuable thing.


Marja said...

Oh happy you had such a lovely time
I like all these shapes and colours. I've got one of these nice boots myself with red yellow and blue balloons

much2ponder said...

Very nice Gilly. I agree friendship is a very valuable thing. Looks like you had a lovely time with these ladies:)

kenju said...

Indeed it is, Gilly. I have a similar group here in my neighborhood, and we enjoy doing things like that together. I like your photos grouped together like that.

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

oooooooooh that looks such fun!

Diane said...

What a lovely bunch you look. Friendship is something to be truly valued . xx

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

What a lovely day out - I really enjoy garden centres too. A x

Awareness said...

I love wandering through garden centres too!! I can't imagine life without my friends, especially my girlfriends. it sounds like it was a lovely day.

VioletSky said...

Looks a great day's outing!

speaking of friends... I have an award for you over on mine to pick up, whenever.

g said...

Wonderful. I love the flowers, but what's really special is the gathering of friends.