Wednesday, 8 July 2009



Our Day Lilies are just beginning to come out, so of course, the rain came down in torrents! I managed to get some photos of how wet they looked! Most of the lilies were moved last year to different places, so I am pleased that they are actually flowering. I thought they might take a while to recover. Their roots went a long way down and transplanting them got a bit brutal!

There are lots more flower photos on my flickr site

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my flickr

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Cloudhands said...

Don't your lilies look fresh and pretty with the rain drops on them. Your colors are just delightful. I like our local orange and yellow, but the pink and other colors are just wonderful. I understand that there is a Day Lily farm somewhere close. I'll have to find it and check out the varieties.

Marja said...

Oh so beautiful I love the raindrops on flowers It looks like little pearls I miss the flowers.
In Holland you could buy flowers all year around Here they are far to expensive

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Your lilies are so pretty and they look extra fresh with the rain drops. I never have tried to grow lilies - don't know if they would grow here or not.

konnykards .. Musings of a Senior Citizen said...

Hi Gilly, you have gorgeous flowers - oh! and I wish I could get to a Flea market these days.
About microwave flower pressing ...
I have seen special presses on sale but I made a small one with three layers of hardboard held together with strong rubber bands horizontally and vertically.Two layers of flower can be added between tissue paper, and between the hardboard layers.
Next a trial and error stage for heat and time, according to the flowers and microwave. My old microwave was much better than a later one. Start with medium heat for about 30 seconds. Let the flowers cool before moving them - they need to be dry and quite crisp. If not, adjust heat and time - it may take a few attempts to get things right.
(Crafters are patient people! LOL)
I think there are helpful hints on www. try googling microwave pressed flowers - happy experimenting!
Thank you for visiting my blog - sorry I don't often get to comment - arthritis in shoulder and arm persists and I have to try to limit typing time ( it's difficult but I enjoy reading and following Flickr sites!)

Diane said...

Raindrops in Manchester???!!!! Bet you had to wait ages for those!!!!! Your photos are so beautiful. xxx

Gilly said...

Connie - thank you for the microwave tips!

Diane - yep, bit unusual for Manchester, eh?? ;)

VioletSky said...

So the raindrops had some advantages for you photography at least. The lilies look lovely. (p.s. copuld not access your flikr?)

Sue said...

I am not surprised to hear your lilies flowered - you seem to have extraordinarily green fingers :-)